ACT, HSPT, Math, Reading, Writing and Science tutoring at all grade levels

Whether you need help preparing for the ACT or just need help with your classes there is nothing like working one on one with a tutor.  We are here to give you the personalized attention that you deserve so that you can reach your full academic potential.

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Michaela Bowler

I have been an elementary school teacher for the last four years and have been tutoring for the last six years.  I am passionate about the Wilson reading program because I have personally experienced its success. My tutoring sessions are designed for each student using the Wilson or Foundation program. Contact me today to find out how I can help your child become a better reader.

Wilson and Fundations Reading Program, Spelling, and Writing.

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 I have been an elementary school teacher for many years. I've taught grades K thru 5, and my true love is teaching math. I focus on teaching students number sense and the "why" behind the numbers. We will mirror what the students are learning in the classroom, helping each child feel confident in their math skills. Check out our classes below for more information about the services we offer

I have been a high school science teacher for the last 26 years and have tutored for the last 16 years.  I am currently and ACT Certified Educator- Basics and am working on becoming Certified in all 4 tests.  I modify my tutoring to reach my students individual needs.  Check out our classes below for more information.